There was a time when a visit to your local grocery store was more of a social event than a chore. Where the butcher knew your preferences and the baker greeted you by name. A place where product knowledge, a hearty smile and sound advice was given freely. Old Town Italy’s mission is to restore these qualities and rekindle those experiences.


Old Town Pizzeria focuses on producing great tasting pizzas in the traditional Neapolitan style. The concept was born from wanting to bring a taste of Old Town to the Food Hall scene in the US, an ambassador of the Old Town Italy concept showcasing our most loved cuisine.

Our dough is produced daily using old school methods making sure to never rush the rise. The result is our signature light, crispy and chewy base. Each pizza is topped with quality ingredients and cooked at 700 degrees by our Pizzaiolos who are passionate about the art and craft of making the perfect pie.

Old School

Experience the feeling of Old Town with a sense of returning to old school methods, artisanal cooking and good service.

Quality Ingredients

We undertake to use the freshest premium-quality ingredients in as ethical a manner as possible, representing a movement back to “real food”.

Great Italian Taste

We focus on authentic-Italian products. Real mozzarella, hand-stretched neopolitan-style pizza, and home-baked Italian recipes. 



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